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Crouch, Touch, Pause, ENGAGE…. BIFFO’s Guide: To Getting Married

Let’s face it, as much as us blokes pretend that we want to play ‘Jack the Lad’ and live the high life in bachelor pad with Georgia Salpa & Co. coming round for tea and er.. crumpets of a Saturday night- the simple fact is that there comes a time when the realisation dawns that behind every great man there is a woman rolling her eyes and we want in on that action ;)


And so… you’ve met ‘The Special One’- (no, I don’t mean Josè) and you decide to tie the knot, take the plunge, jump the high jump, invest in the ball & chain- whatever you’re having yourself. It truly is a special day for all concerned and something that everyone can look forward to- yes even the groom.

Now we all know that most of the focus is on the B2B- that’s ‘Bride-2-Be’ for those of you who are still blissfully ignorant re wedding speak… but I, being a proud BIFFO and an engaged man, am here to tell you lads who are thinking about getting hitched- that we too can bask in the sunny glow of engagement & impending wedded bliss ;)

Each week I’ll be updating you lot in BIFFO’s Guide to Getting Married and give a little insight onto the goings on inside a man’s head…


Once I realised that someone was actually willing to put up with me on a medium to long term basis it was a pretty easy decision to make. Being a Bright, Intelligent Fellow from Offaly I soon came to the conclusion that I had better make a move here and take the plunge. That being said it’s not all as easy as that. Who ever said making the decision is the easiest part is a god dam lier! I mean the seriousness and execution of what is a pivotal time in a person’s life is not to be underestimated. Guys always remember those times when you’re dragged from shop to shop looking at this colour and answering questions like “does this make my legs looks skinny?” So to be fair organising a proposal of marriage is a pretty big deal!

The Ring:

What a massive piece of the jigsaw! Who do you ask for advise? Do you pick it yourself? Will I get away with getting one from Clara market? So many questions, and for a simple fellow like myself it’s a pretty daunting prospect. I remember going into the first and ONLY jewellers I visited straight after work one day absolutely bricking it. I had my suit and my big warm jacket on because it was freezing outside and I remember that the amount of perspiration coming from my body would fill a toilet cistern. The kind lady in the shop could obviously tell how nervous I was and quickly shuffled me out of sight as to not scare away other punters. She showed me a few different options, ranging from massive diamond rings to straight forward bands. Suddenly I was remembering the price list on the chalk list in Clara Market. I saw the ring I wanted, looked through the tiny microscope looking at the actual diamond pretending to know what I was talking about; handed over my laser card and I was off as happy as a pig in shite.


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